>Pokémon Black e White – Novo Pokémon

De acordo com uma imagem e com a sua informação encontrada no 2ch, existe um trio de macacos em que Yanappu pertence. O trio é formado pelo Pokémon de Erva (Yanappu), pelo Pokémon de Água (Hiyappu) e pelo Pokémon de Fogo (Baoppu). Esta informação ainda não está totalmente confirmada.

Aqui podemos ver o de Água - Hiyappu (o Pokémon azul ao lado de Yanappu)

>Pokémon Sunday – Pokémon Musical

Nos próximos e novos jogos, no Musical Hall, receberás um bolo de aniversário como acessório especial e, os Centros Pokémon dar-te-ão uma mensagem especial no dia do teu aniversário.

>Pokémon Diamante e Pérola – Panda Biggs

Ao que tudo indica, Pokémon só começará a ser transmitido no canal Panda Biggs em Outubro. No entanto, pode ainda começar em Setembro.

Fonte: Serebii/O anime Pokémon em Portugal


21 thoughts on “Novidades!

  1. surgem mais alguns rumores

    * ‘N’s real name is “North” (Nousu) and he is leader of Team Plasma. (Didn’t we already decide that wasn’t going to happen?)
    * Elite 4 Fara: Normal/Flying
    * Elite 4 Shuten: Fighting/Steel
    * Elite 4 Kageha: Ghost/Dark [Kage = shadow]
    * Elite 4 Murou: Dragon
    * Champion South (Sausu): Mixed types (Also he is apparently N’s brother)

  2. Eletusk

    * Elephant Pokemon
    * Type: Electric/Ground
    * Abilities: Volt Absorb or Lightning Rod
    * Attacks: Wild Bolt, Thunder Fang, Horn Attack, Uproar
    * Appearance: Elephant with lightning-bolt shaped tusks. Defense is highest stat
    * *Note: Poster said its pre-evolution may be named something like Laifan

    nao vi nenhuma imagem

  3. Terephin

    * Dolphin Pokemon
    * Type: Water/Psychic
    * Abilities: Hydration or Soundproof
    * Attacks: Uproar, Water Gun, Confusion, and Sonar*
    * Appearance: Dolphin with two pearls rotating around it’s head
    * * New Attack: Sonar prevents lowering of accuracy (presumably for 5 turns)


    * Polar Bear Pokemon
    * Type: Ice/Fighting
    * Abilities: Anger Point or Snow Camouflage [Could also be ‘Snow Pocket’]
    * Attacks: Blizzard, Snow Blind*, Snowfall**, Seismic Toss
    * *New Attack: Snow Blind can be used while the Snow weather effect is occurring, lowers opponents accuracy
    * **New Attack: Snowfall activates the Snow weather effect. It lasts 5 turns and raises the power of Ice-type attacks


    * Honor Pokemon
    * Type: Normal/Flying
    * Abilities: Keen Eye or Invigorate
    * Attacks: Sand-Attack, Peck, Leer
    * Speculation: Could be related to Wargle just because of the similar name endings and their species of pokemon are very similar (Honor vs Valor).


    * Long Ear Pokemon
    * Type: Normal
    * Ability: Cute charm
    * Attacks: Body Slam, Heal Bell, Revealing Ears*, Take Down
    * Evolves from Tabunne with Moon Stone
    * *New Attack: Revealing Ears will tell you the next pokemon your opponent will switch to during a rotation battle

  4. * Shimama evolves into Zeboruto (Zebolt) which is an Electric/Dark pokemon
    * Darumakka evolves into Darumanki (darumonkey) which evolves into Hihidaruma [Doesn’t seem like a 3 stage pokemon IMO]
    * Kibago -> Onokkusu -> Ononokusu Which is a pure dragon line
    * One of the new pokemon seen in the video posted the other day is Meguroko’s evo. Not sure if this is the recent Octopus/Green thing video or that brown pokemon in the entrance to the Pokemon Musical
    * OhaSuta will air a new image next Friday
    * Next month’s CoroCoro issue will focus on Doryuuzu, Desukan, Emonga, Basurao, Tabunne, Darumakka, Kurokodon Aoika, and Wakoiasu. [Those last three are not pokemon we’ve heard of before]
    * Doryuuzu is Ground/Steel. Its ‘Drill Liner’ attack has a base power of 95 and the shit-tastic accuracy of 85% [The rumor didn’t SPECIFICALLY say shit-tastic]
    * Desukan is Ground/Ghost. Rumor says there is only 1 in the game and you encounter it north of Hiun City in the ‘Murai Desert‘. Apparently there is an underground pass you must go through and Desukan blocks it. [Sudowoodo much?] When it’s lid is open it looks like a transparent mummy-ish ghost inside.
    * Other pokemon that they didn’t know the name of include a rabbit, purple poodle-like pokemon, parrot that looked like a grass type, an elephant, a peacock, polar bear, gourd[?], koala, psychic/water dolphin, and finally a cat with brown eyes.

  5. * 149 New Pokemon
    * Tsutaaja’s final form is Grass/Psychic
    * Pokabu’s final form is Fire/Rock
    * Mijumaru’s final form is Water
    * No new Eeveelutions
    * Jynx, Heracross, Tauros and Kangaskhan all get evolutions

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